Stereotypes In Doc Mcstuffins

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Doc McStuffins is a television show based on the main character Dottie who is six years old and wants to be just like her mother when she grows up. Dottie’s mother turns out to be a doctor since Dottie is only six she lives out her dream of being a doctor by fixing toys. The twist of this show is that Dottie had a magic stereoscope given to her by her grandma that turns any toy alive, where it can talk and walk and have emotions just like a regular human being.
This episode of Doc McStuffins titled “Brining Home Baby” starts off with Dottie and her brother, Donny, sitting on the kitchen island and Dottie’s mom, Maisha, rushing off to work when her dad, Marcus, slows her down because he’s making breakfast. Seconds later Maisha’s phone rings
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While her grandma plays cards with her brother down stairs. When she enters her room it is easy to notice all the gender stereotypical things in her room, because Dottie is passed age two she had developed gender stereotype preference since she is a girl she naturally gravitates towards things that society mentions are for girls. Like her purple painted room, curtains , pink bed sheets as well as all her favorite toys are that are soft, non-aggressive looking and colors that are often associated with females like pink, purple, light blue and hot pink. When Doc puts on her stethoscope all her stuff animals start to have human qualities like talking, feeling pain, and walking this all reflects animism. As she goes about talking to her toys to make a list of qualities for the new toy, we see flash backs of her childhood. I felt that the most interesting flash back shows her mom and dad trading off holding her as a new born. Doc mentions that she remembers what her dad said to her, which could not be the case. In the scene Dottie is a new born and any child three years or younger usually has infantile amnesia and cannot form reliable memories. It is possible for her dad to remind her of that specific memory and Dottie think she remembers it herself. Donny did use a different tone of voice when talking to his baby daughter, his pitch was higher and he pronounced words more slowly. Donny also had moved his had wide eyes and crazy facial expressions when talking so I knew he was using Infant Directed Speech. In this scene it is also clear that the Mcstuffin’s did not use the co-sleeping method. Dottie was placed in her crib while the mom and dad went to bed in a different room instead of sleeping in the same bed as them. Dottie was laid flat on her back which reduced the likely

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