Character Analysis Of Katelyn 's Identity Vs. Role Of Confusion Stage

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Katelyn’s Identity vs. Role Confusion Stage
Katelyn, a Caucasian female (age 15), lived with her father Parrish (age 41), older sister Anastacia (age 17) younger sisters, Emily (age 12) and Brooke (age 10) in Minnesota after going through entropy in the family. Katelyn’s mother did not have an honest relationship with her father, Parrish, which led to her parent’s separating leaving Katelyn and her sisters having to adapt and cope to their new acquisition. After having repeated arguments and dealing with four children, Cynthia (age 40), the girls mother, decided to move out of their families home and into her new boyfriend’s house. The after-reaction of Cynthia moving out led the girls to create a rigid boundary with their mother.
While living with Parrish, the girl’s father, Katelyn and her older sister Anastacia were going through Erikson’s stage of identity vs. role confusion, which happens during the ages 13-19 years. The girls were struggling with the differentiations going on in their lives. They used to live a life like all their friends families two parents, siblings, pets, and were now moving into a more complex life without their parents in the same household.
In Erickson’s stage, both Anastacia and Katelyn were dealing with social relationships. During this stage, a significant relationship deals with peers and role models. The main virtue during this stage is fidelity, which means you are loyal and faithful to others. This was hard for the…

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