Character Analysis Of Iago In Othello

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Like many William Shakespeare plays, Othello is a tragedy which portrays Iago as a two faced character. Playing a very complex character, Iago shows many different personalities. In act one Iago is presented as a funny manipulative and jealous character. Iago is introduced as a jealous man after he discovers that Cassio was promoted lieutenant instead of him. This is one of the reasons why Iago despises Othello resulting in his desire to ruin Othello's life. Iago manipulates Roderigo, who is in love with Othello’s wife, Desdemona. This is done so that he will spy on Othello for purposes of profit, which is another of his evil motives. Iago is a character who is not afraid to ruin anyone’s life as he enjoys seeing the pain and damage he creates. …show more content…
At the beginning of the scene Othello is forced to choose a lieutenant for himself. Othello choosing Cassio as his lieutenant did not make Iago vey happy. Iago thought that he should have been selected for lieutenant having the feeling he was the perfect man for the job as he stated, “In personal suit to make me his lieutenant, off-capp’d to him: and, by the faith of man, I know my price, I am worth no worse a place…” (I.i.10-12) This quote explains Iago’s belief on Othello’s new selection of lieutenant. Iago has a firm belief he should have been the guy for the job. With jealousy and anger Iago then turns to try and ruin Othello’s relationship with his wife Desdemona. Iago tries to convince everyone that Othello slept with Emilia and his love for Desdemona is fake. Through these events it is clear that jealousy has got the most of Iago and this shows throughout act

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