John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men: Character Analysis

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George is forced to endure a difficult, potentially life changing situation. George was to decide between ending his best friend’s, Lennie, life or to leave him alive but face the consequences of this decision later. The reason for this was because Lennie had committed something ethically and morally wrong, a crime. He had already killed a mouse and his own puppy but he had also killed Curley 's wife. Lennie had done this when he attempted to keep Curley’s wife quiet from all her loud screams but he had forgotten to control his strength and, thus, snapped her neck. Curley had no other thoughts enter his mind but the thought of killing Lennie himself so George subsequently took the matter into his own hands and pulled the trigger on Lennie instead. …show more content…
Candy and his dog are the two prime examples that are comparable to George’s and Lennie’s relationship because they have encountered the same fate. Candy resembled George in his relationship with his dog because they had the same type of loyal relationship. It wasn’t until Carlson complained to Candy how he needs to let go of his own companion and practically get over the fact that his dog has come to the age where it no longer can perform his tasks like it used to. Candy had looked around for a sign of uncertainty in the men’s faces before he made his final decision regarding his own dog’s life; however, he got the opposite reaction. This depicts how George was influenced by this situation because he too had no other choice but to lynch Lennie himself or have a stranger do the job for him. Here, as seen in the earlier scene with Candy’s dog, Slim played the role of the voice of reason as he pointed out the best option for Candy and George, which is to have the old dog and Lennie killed ("Sparknotes: Of Mice And Men: Section 5 (Page 2)"). Candy’s old dog had become useless in the lives of the men as Lennie became a danger to George and practically everyone in the book, therefore, George had made the right decision for the safety of others and himself

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