Character Analysis Of Balbuena 's Cousin And His Daughter Essay

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Balbuena’s cousin also demonstrated super-ego because he was tired of his children being disrespectful. Balbuena’s cousin and his daughter were having an argument about her being disrespectful to Balbuena and during the altercation, he collapsed. All he wanted was for his children to be respect to others and his daughter changed her attitude towards Balbuena and apologized because she knew she was wrong and she wanted to do the right thing for her father to be happy.
Gender role played a significant aspect in the film. Gender roles are observed behavioral norms associated with males and females within a given social group, culture or system. In Dominican Republic, women were seen doing chores such as sweeping and taking care of the home. These women have responsibilities such as nurturing and cooking for their family. Some Dominicans owned small businesses like a bars which is operated by male servers. In Balbuena’s community, it seems like not everyone worked because most of the male figures were home always playing games such as dominoes. Men are able to leave the home freely, whether it was for work because part of their gender role is to support the family. Women are homemakers because they were not many working opportunities for them. The children in Dominican Republic learn values and respect from both the male and female gender. From a very young age, children are helping around the house and when they are rude or their engaging in inappropriate behavior, they are…

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