Character Analysis: Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor Operation Red Wing was a secret military operation that took place in the mountains that split Afghanistan and Pakistan. It's a bone thrilling story about Marcus Luttrell and his SEAL team being engaged in a gun fight in the mountains. Luttrell was the "lone survivor" of the fight and was saved by other U.S. Forces. Luttrell and his brothers, Matthew Axelson, Michael Murphy, and Danny Dietz were all apart of Operation Red Wings. The team was inserted into the mountains and had to hike to the operation point. When the SEAL team got to the insertion point they set up and started their mission, their mission was to gather information, surveillance, and reconnaissance of buildings know to be occupied by foreign military insurgence who were armed …show more content…
The shocking story of brave and courageous men doing what it takes to safe Americans. They laid their life's on the line for the freedom of others, they pad the ultimate sacrifice, not going home to their wife's, or kids. They died for American freedom and for everyone who gets to call this great, beautiful nation home. Operation Red Wings was a simple operation that should've went according to plan, but the Navy SEALs were engaged with heavy foreign fire. (Page 211) Within in hours three of the four Navy SEALs were dead, killed by a heavily armed Taliban fire. They lost communication with head Quarters and the head quarters didn't know the situation the SEALs were in. (Page 213) Even though the SEALs were out numbered tremendously, they kept fighting, they were in a battle for their life. (Page 265) News has finally sprung about four Navy SEALs had been killed in the northeast mountains of Afghanistan and that six-teen other special force solders had been killed by a helicopter that had been brought down by a Taliban RPG. (Page 268) Many people flooded to Marcus Luttrell's ranch home to try and be a support factor for his family.

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