Chapter Six On Conformity, My Life And Realized How Fake We All

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As I read chapter six on conformity, I thought of everyday life and realized how fake we all are. I then realized how often I conform in order to keep peace and avoid any confrontation. When asked to do this assignment I even thought wow people may not like the real me when I am done; but I was excited to be me! I broke this assignment up in a two day period due to family obligations. I am a bartender so in order to get ready for work I pick out a few outfits asking myself which one I think my customers will like the most, or what will I make more money wearing. However, this time before work I decided to put on what I wanted to wear, what I thought would be comfortable. My outfit consisted of comfortable pants and a t-shirt. When I arrived to work I got the reaction I expected from certain customer, “did you just crawl out of bed?”. I normally would make up some sort of excuse to make it seem as if I wore the outfit because something came up, but not today instead I said, “No, but did you leave your manners in your bed this morning?” then I walked away. Working in a bar the customers expect you to be one way and that is always happy. Truth is no one is ever always happy. We are human, we all have bad days. I hate that they expect me to be something I am not so this day I showed it. I showed them me! I am tired, I have two children, I work, go to school, and take care of home. I do not want to be chipper everyday, some days I do not want to come to work…

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