Sloth And Gluttony: Why Do You Move So Much?

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Sloth ask Gluttony, “Why are you always hungry? Wouldn’t you feel more relieved that you sleep away your life without always eating? What purpose do you have from eating so much?”

“I should be asking you the same question. Why do you move so slow? Why do you sleep so much?” Gluttony rolled his eyes at Sloth for asking the same question that she always nagged him about for millennium.

“That my fat friend is a beauty of it all. I am never in a hurry.” She haughtily replied.

Gluttony snorted. “You’re just slow and sleepy because you have no purpose in your life.”

Sloth glared at Gluttony. She gave him an angry reply not liking what Sloth had said. “Well then for you fatty, the reason that you are always hungry is because your afraid
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Gluttony wasn’t pleased that he was stopped from eating his usual meal, instead he was peeved that he was interrupted. “That depends.”

“Why not change?”

“Because this is what I am good at.” He stare at her strangely at the words that she had said. This was the first time he had ever heard her say something different that made him wonder if she was sane in the mind. They have been living such life since the beginning of time. Why change now?

“I beg to differ.” She scoffed at his answer and yawned. She was getting sleepy just talking to him. In actuality, she felt tired from even thinking in the first place. What caused her to think such thought was a complete foreign element in itself, she just didn’t understand where it even came from.

“Then why don’t you?” He wagged the piece of chicken thigh that he was just eating in front of her face.

“Same reason, I just like to laze
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He had the nasty slimey boils and acnes on his face and covering all of his body, greasy hair, and smelly body odor that made her want to puke at times. Though what was surprising was that he was quite lean for someone who constantly ate, never stopping as if he was inhaling air itself. Even wondering about where all the food went in his stomach was a pain to think about, she quickly threw such thought out the window. It just was too much of a pain to think about at all.

“Good night, Gluttony.”

“Going so soon? Are you sure you don’t want to fill your stomach up before you go to sleep?”

“No, It’s too much of a pain to eat.”

“More for me.” Gluttony greedily ate, stuffing himself silly.

“I’ll talk to you again in another hundred years maybe…if I feel like it.” With a yawn, Sloth started to go to sleep. Her eyes were slowly shutting, and she knew that sleep was only a second away.

“Good night, Sloth. I expect to hear your reason next time.” He bite into another chicken thigh, even eating the bone itself without a second thought. A horrible bone crunching sound could be heard, while Sloth closed her eyes.

“I wish you a good dream.”

“You know as well a I that I don’t

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