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December 19, 2017 8 Amazing Facts About Sloths

Introduction: Deep in the forest lives the slowest creature on earth, the sloth. Sloths can live up to 10 years. They are commonly found in South America and spend their life in the forests. Sloths are a mystery to many people. Even though they are slow and seem like friendly animals, how much do you really know about sloths?

1. Sloths are slow because of their diet Imagine yourself eating salad for the rest of your life! Sloths are herbivores which means they have a diet of only leaves. Sloths eat only leaves and nothing else. Which is part of the reason they are so slow. Leaves do not carry as much fat and protein as meat and other foods do. Sloths
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Sloths are not related to monkeys Sloths stay in the trees for the majority of their life. But once a week a sloth will come down to use the bathroom and a few other chores. Surprisingly sloths are not related to any type of monkey! Sloths have long claws to hold on to the branches, and unlike monkeys they are slow.

3. Sloths have their own ecosystem To blend in with the green forest, sloths let algae thrive on their fur. As a result of sloths having a whole ecosystem growing on them, a variety of bugs such as moths, cockroaches, worms, and beetles are found in their fur. These bugs have been found in numbers of 1,000! Burrowing into a sloth’s fur and staying there, it's almost like a bug hotel. EWW!

4. Sloths are only 25% muscle As wispy air flows by in the cold, a frigid night takes place in the forest. Naturally animals shiver to keep themselves warm. Even humans do it. But the only problem is that sloths are only 25% muscle, this means that they can't shiver when it is cold. Fortunately for sloths, there are not as many cold nights in the South American Forests.

5. The food that a sloth eats takes up 20-30% of its body
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Sloths are swimmers They may not look like the sporty type, but sloths are sporty when it comes to water. They can move 3 times faster in water than on land. When it is too hot, they will eventually drop from branches into rivers to be refreshed. This is a rare occasion for a sloth especially if they do not live near bodies of water. Even though sloths aren't water animals like fish, they love to take swims.

7. Sloths are related to anteaters and armadillos Sloths have long arms and shaggy legs that resemble a monkey, so you may think they are related to them. But sure enough, they are not! Then what animal are they related to? That is simple. According to National Geographic, “They are actually related to anteaters and armadillos!” This surprises some people but wacky enough it is true.

8. Sloths Are Dangerous! Whether or not sloths seem amusing or peaceful, that is not the whole story. If a sloth is caught by a predator, it turns into a monster! Biting, hissing, clawing, & shrieking like never before. It is not a excellent idea to have a sloth as a pet. Sloths are vicious creatures that would rip you apart in less than 2 seconds. You might not want to meet a sloth anymore. do you?

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