Animal Testing Ethics

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Summary 1 ; Substitute of animals in drug research: An approach towards fulfillment of 4R's .
Arora, T., Mehta, A., Joshi, V., Mehta, K., Rathor, N., Mediratta, P., & Sharma, K. (2011). Substitute of animals in drug research: An approach towards fulfillment of 4R's. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 73(1), 1-6. Retrieved from
Animal testing has been one of the biggest worries of environmentalists and animals friends . Few initiatives has been taking to ensure a better treatment toward animals during experiments . in the 18th century , an organization called abolitionists raised its voice against the use of animals for testing followed by SPCA (societies for protection and
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(2010). The ethics of animals testing. Revista Romana De Bioetica, 8(3) Retrieved from …show more content…
humans have a lot of relations with animals , we keep them as our pets and zoos and wild parks , some animals have religious meaning for few cultures . but we use them mostly for our own purposes we breed them extensively for food and clothes , we use them at work and hunt them for food or for sports . we kill them when they are harmful like mice , flies and mosquitos . the relation between animals and human is different according to the befinits human get from animals there is a moral gap between the two species . one of these use is animal testing which is very important in medical and biological research . there aren’t complete alternatives for animals in experiments , but we do have instruments that can guide and help us improve our approach when doing experiments on animal . animal testing is done for many fields , territorial laboratories to control and protect environment , drug factories , veterinary diagnose laboratories , the educational academic area which includes studies like biology , medicines , pharmacology , environment protection etc …A simple definition of experimenting on animals is applying a research idea using specific techniques on a number of animals in a specific time and place and ends with one or more conclusion . not using enough numbers of animals for a particular experiment might result in variable outcomes , incomplete

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