Chapter 11 Apes Outline Essay

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Chapter 11 outline
Feeding America

I. Human nutrition requirements are not always satisfied A. Nutritional Requirements * Under nutrition- not consuming enough calories to be healthy * Leads to energy deficiency * Malnourished- regardless of the number of calories they consume, their diets lack the correct balance of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, and they experience malnutrition * Food security- people have access to sufficient, safe, and active healthy life. * Food Insecurity- conditions in which people do not have adequate access to food * Famine- condition in which food insecurity is so extreme that large numbers of death occurs in a given area over a relatively short period. *
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Genetic engineering is revolutionizing agriculture A. Benefits of Genetic Engineering * increased crop yield and quality * Potential changes in pesticide ues * Increased Profits B. Concerns about genetically modified

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