Changing Behavior Case Analysis : Drinking Habit Essay

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Changing Behavior Case Analysis My client’s bad habit is that they would like to change their binge drinking habit. As my client is older and has never been a drink. Recently he started binge drinking. He started binge drinking about 4 years ago. A person can be influenced to change his behavior due to some influence. The change of behavior can affect both life and the average daily life of the person who have changed his behavior. In my changing behavior case study of binge drinking we will see how his behavior has changed over the four years of his binge drinking. My client has been influence by a family member that he is close to. He lost several jobs do to his drinking and staying out late, at the bars and grills. His health has been greatly affected by this and now has liver problems. The doctors are giving him a short time to quit his drinking. He has lost his wife do to his binge drinking. They were married for 15 years. She gave him the choice to stop drinking or she was leaving him and she ended up leaving him.
How could classical conditioning explain the development and the persistence of the client 's undesired behavior? Include in your discussion coverage of the relationship between and unconditional stimulus, unconditioned response, conditioned stimulus, and conditioned response.
There are a couple of reasons for classical conditioning and the development and the persistence of the client’s behavior. One of this is training a person or an animal for a…

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