Changing A Person's Negative Power Of Words: Salient Power

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Words have such salient powers, this is because can change change a person's negative life choices into positive ones. Words can also be used in a negative way and distress someone's self-esteem. Lastly is it can be used inappropriately and modify a person's view in a negative way.
Since words have such tremondous power,you can change someones nad decisions though words.By using this secret power you can use words to persuade a person to stop their appualing life deessions. You can do this through intervention,therapy, or you yourself having a conversation on why and how they should stop.
Because words can be used in a negative way it could distress a person's self esteem.This could happen through verbal bullying that ad on after time and might have dire consequences if not addressed soon enough.Words have such a big impact on people that one negative word can make them rethink everything they do.
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Through verbal abuse you could slowly knock down someone's confidence and happiness. Words have such power because with a couple words you have the power to control someone mentally. Words are the most salient power you could ever obtain, which can affect people in a positive or negative way. Which could be done by changing someone's choices to positive ones. Or you could distress a person's self esteem or change their point of view in a bad

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