Changes Toward a Sustainable Society Essay examples

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Changes Toward a Sustainable Society
Steven Aulisio

Changes Toward a Sustainable Society As mankind strives for advancement we learn from the old ways where we have stumbled in our past. We also adhere to the same mindset as we have in the past as well. As we learn from our past mistakes the changes toward a sustainable society become a reality but we are held back by the same unsustainable way of thinking. Technology which was once destructive to the environment is in many aspects becoming less and less invasive to it. Cultural challenges in population control, and the acceptance of the problems and the technology are still things we must overcome, however these are not impassable barriers. A complete
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This functioning transportation system creates a sustainable and functioning time system for each individual. With new wireless technology and cloud devices it is no longer a major inconvenience to wait a few minutes for a bus, train or monorail. People can still be productive or have entertainment available to them. As cited by Darrell Etherington, “A recent study found that real-time transit info accessible via mobile devices makes public transit a much more attractive option.” (2011, Para 1) From books to games to communication and social networking, waiting for a train even today is made easier with mobile devices. Today devices are becoming commonplace and if the infrastructure was in place to provide better public transportation more people would use it. Today people use the technology in a manner which endangers others making the development of public transportation a necessity. Texting and driving has become commonplace and this makes this transition from a safety aspect a necessity. Applying mobile devices to a new transportation system allows users to both be productive and travel. This makes public transportation not only safe but more sustainable. It must still be noted that there are still many circumstances such as some service industries which could not utilize public transportation to provide their services. In this case the service which needs to be provided in large

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