Paradox Between Economic Growth And Sustainability

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Sustainability is concerned with the promoting of the most effective use of resources, the protection of the environment and ecosystems and the development of a more equitable world society. As sustainability includes different issues, is often difficult to define precise terms of it.
Considering the Venn diagram, sustainability can be described as the intersection of three main issues as environmental, economic and social issues.

Sustainability Venn diagram
Depending on the domination of one factor than the other factor, the circles can be in different sizes. Some business leader prefer to show the economy circle larger than the other circles, as they consider that the economy is the
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From 1965 to 2010 the world population line has a constant increment and this is reflected even to the CO2 emission too. Oil consumption and production are stand-ins for all carbon-based energy consumption and production. This representation intends to show the trend for continuing growth of consumption and the similar or slowing rate of production for carbon-based sources.
To address the paradox between economic growth and sustainability, we must find a way to balance the two and allow them to coexist. This balance may be possible by developing alternative energy sources, using less natural resources or to reuse the resources consumed to minimize further extraction.
From a structural point of view, may be several approaches through which the concrete and construction can contribute to resolve these problems. It can be used technological innovation in order to reduce the environmental degradation. Facilitating full recycling of the concrete, which is the major resource used in building construction, is a key solution for this topic. Using new materials that require less energy and emit less amount of CO2 during their production or even during their lifetime, can be another useful

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