Change Management and Communication Plan Essay

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Change Management and Communication Plan
Organizational Development
January 11, 2012

Change Management and Communication Plan
Riordan Manufacturing has decided to implement a formal customer management system, which will be used company wide. Our job as consultants is to assist Riordan in planning and implementing the change so that it goes as smoothly as possible. Current Formal and Informal Structure
Riordan Manufacturing functions with a bureaucratic structure and a system based on formal power. According to the organizational charts, the organization is departmentalized into functional areas based on the scope of work. The organization also breaks down
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This will give the employees a sense of contribution to the process and allow individuals to be heard.
Characteristics and Potential Influence on Employee Behavior
The culture characteristics of Riordan Manufacturing are based on team orientation and the culture. The characteristics consist of a degree to which work activities are organized around teams rather than individuals. Teams are a necessity concerning business and each team member represents a missing part of a larger project by acquiring a common understanding of the goals that he or she need to accomplish. Team members can rely on each other for support. The potential influence that can be brought by this type of culture in the Riordan Mfg. is the ability to make the most of the employees, to embrace, accept the core values, and their commitment to long-term viability of the company. When the team accomplishes their goals, they may be compensated with pay raises, bonuses, incentives, or even promotions. This is a way that the culture can influence the employee and embrace what it stands for. Potential Sources of Resistance and Strategies to Manage Effectively
With the bureaucracy plan as implemented, a few potential sources of resistance to change exist within the Riordan Manufacturing company. On the individual side, it would most likely be a source of selective information processing. Although most areas should be covered and information should be sent out to

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