Change For A Longer Life Span Essay

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Change for a Longer Life Span Not a Better Span of Life.

Everyone has different beliefs and thoughts about genetically modified organisms. Many believe that it is okay as long as the individuals ends up better than they were while others believe that an infant child should not be altered for any reason. What if a change in their genome can cause them to be immune to certain diseases, or even help cognitively with dyslexia? Would people still be opposed to something that can help an individual not deal with chemotherapy later on in life? Having a disease and or disorder is not a walk in the park. There are over millions of medications one can choose from to help them lessen the pain and or defect. You do not hear people complain about these, but when people get on the subject of gene altering so that these problems won’t even occur people get very upset. When used for health related issues only gene altering is able to prevent individuals from suffering later on in life. Gene altering has the capability from taking unwanted alleles for certain deceases and eliminating them as a whole so when that individual has offspring there child won’t even have to worry about the disease. Within the next two years scientists will be able to have the first genetically modified human being. A private biotech company announced the plans to start the first trials will be “groundbreaking” (Knapton). The scientists are not trying to create “designer babies” rather they are just trying to…

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