What Are The Pros And Cons Of Gene Therapy

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Can we make a cure for genetic disorders with gene therapy? Gene therapy is about controlling an individual's genetic material and scientists have been trying to make the body's normal ability to battle sickness more affectively. The beneficiary's genome can change but will not pass the disorder to the next generation. In this therapy, the parent's egg or sperm cell are changed with the objective of passing the new changes to their offspring. The improvement of a genetic defect, which specifically identifies a certain illness or a disorder and the correction via therapy would occur in the somatic cells of the affected individual.

The genetic disorder could be fixed by gene therapy. To make the tissues and organs work correctly, genetic therapy needs a correct copy of the affected gene to try and eliminate
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Most people don't completely understand what gene therapy really involves or any of the safety issues including this kind of treatment. More research and expanded knowledge can help us understand. Another issue is that Gene therapy trials have not been very successful but the best way to get results is to proceed with research. A side affect of the continued effort on research is that most religions think that the idea of changing who you are and what you look like should not be changed.

In conclusion, there have been a vast amount of research and many test performed to find a cure for genetic disorders. A positive conclusion on this type therapy is how gene disorders can be stopped in passing them to the offsprings. But At the same time, there are many individuals who do not understand how important the knowledge of gene therapy actually is and also feel against changing who we are at the genetic level. Personally, I'm neutral in this topic and feel like this type of therapy would not be an option for me because I would not want my genes to be

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