The Ethics Of Gene Therapy

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CRISPR Genes – A way to eradicate Autism to Cancer to Zellweger syndrome and everything in-between

It was September 20th 2001. It was the day my mother would be screened if the fetus (i.e. me in my glorious self) showed an elevated risk for Downs Syndrome. A triple screen blood was performed which measured the quantities of three substances: Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) which is produced by the fetus, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), and unconjugated estriol which is produced by the placenta. The next 24 hours were one of the most stressful, my dad, tells me until the nurse called with the good news that all the bio markers were normal. Four weeks later they were not so lucky when my mother was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. So for the
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It started in 1960s when the recombinant DNA research began. Long time before the technology of gene therapy became available, the bioethics emergent discipline was focused only on the gene tic engineering. From times to times the technolgy of genetic engineering keep increasing corresponding to the advancement and succession of the research. Most of ethical issues were raised by the religious party. They claimed that man had neither power nor right to create or modify the God 's work. So they fervently opposed the human gene therapy by saying that man is trying to tamper or corrupting God 's work by interfering with the genetic code of an individual. (Bose, D. …show more content…
Although these entire products have the prospective for incredible patient benefit, yet these products still have the unknown risks. So to ensure the patient get the safest treatment, the scientist must accept all the responsibility of the procedure so that irrational risks can be prevented. In a nutshell, gene therapy is a very vital method for treating patient with disease especially genetic disorder. From this research, gene therapy can be seen as the new revolutionary technique advancing in the genetic engineering to treat the diseases. Current treatment so far has given excellent results from all standpoints. Upcoming endeavors should be focusing on how to improve the efficiencies of gene therapy so that the society will not argue the importance of this method in treating the patient. Even though human gene therapy treatment raises many controversial, the outcome of this technique is symbolized as a very high level of expertise and should be accepted. Viewing from the positive angle, the advantages of gene therapy overshadow the disadvantages. Gene therapy should be legalized because it is body-friendly, cost effective and improve the quality of

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