Essay about The Forever Fix : Gene Therapy And The Boy Who Saved It

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Contrary to what one would expect based on the title of her book, The Forever Fix: Gene Therapy and the Boy Who Saved It, Ricki Lewis pens a narrative science focused on the milestones in the history of gene therapy, not just one success story (Lewis, 2012). Corey Haas, the boy who regained his vision after being sentenced to a life of blindness, is only one of the medical miracles mentioned; the book also devotes itself to presenting the theory and procedures behind gene therapy. As a supplement to the curriculum of the AP Biology course, the major biological concept of gene therapy in The Forever Fix: Gene Therapy and the Boy Who Saved It relates specifically to the third big idea in the AP Biology curriculum framework’s four major points. In the AP Biology curriculum framework, the third idea in the four big ideas establishes that, “Living systems store, retrieve, transmit, and respond to information essential to life processes” (The College Board, 2015). Organisms carry out their lives through the instructions found in DNA, allowing information to be transferred from one generation to the next. It is vital for students taking AP Biology - and those who are in the field of science - to understand these principles behind the third big idea because it deals with DNA, the metaphorical manual to life. By venturing into the study of genes, one can learn about the processes that create life and when the need arises, how to save lives. When Ricki Lewis wrote her narrative…

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