Champion Of Death In Eric And His Sisters

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Champion of Death A lot of people think that life is easy, but to some it’s the most difficult thing they have to experience. In the story of “Eric and his Sisters”, Eric’s suicide was caused by a number of factors, steaming primarily from his being homeless during his childhood. Eric and his family went through a lot of trials, they dealt with them the best that they could with the resources that they were offered. Eric having to deal with being homeless at such a young age causes a lot of problems throughout his adult hood as well. Eric had a very ruff childhood. He also had a younger sister, Lisette. His mom was a single mother doing the best that she could do since her husband pasted away from a degenerative illness. They at one point …show more content…
She didn’t want Eric there when she wasn’t around, because he liked to make it a kick it spots for him and his friends to hangout. He always left it very messy. When she got one of her phone bills it was an outrageous price because of Eric. He even stole money from his mom. Eric acting, the way he was, put his mom back into a deep depression, she quit her job, started drinking heavily. She felt like she failed Eric as a mother, all she wanted was for him to be successful. But he kept fighting everyone trying to help him. She always questioned herself; “maybe if I did this differently?”, “should I have moved us out of New …show more content…
Her dad wasn’t very happy because Eric was black. And back in that day, racism was still very known. Eric also didn’t treat her very well, he was always yelling at her and raising his hand to her. Eric also didn’t have a job, he depended on her. But Eric didn’t really have a good role model growing up, the only man that was somewhat apart of his life was his mom’s abusive boyfriend back in New York. Her dad wasn’t very pleased with this. His girlfriend was very smart she attended a university in the area. About a year into the relationship she got pregnant. This was a very big deal to both him and her dad. She was happy she felt like she could still attend school, hold down a job and take care of herself, Eric and their baby. His girlfriend ended up getting tired of the way that Eric was treating her so she dumped him. He became depressed but that wasn’t very uncommon for

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