Critical Analysis Of The Other Wes Moore

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“The Other Wes Moore” by Wes Moore was about two boys with the same names, similar backgrounds, who had in similar situations, and grew up in the similar neighborhoods. Wes Moore the author and the other Wes Moore grew up with difficult life situations, but whose lives took two different paths. One becomes successful and goes down the right path and the other Wes Moore is a failure because the actions he decided to do. One of the reasons why Wes Moore is successful was because his mother Joy. Joy was a mother of two girls and one boy. Joy’s husband died from an acute epiglottis and Wes Moore was three years old so he really didn’t have an impact on his life. Wes’s father was an area newscaster in Baltimore. When this tragedy happened Joy couldn’t handle so she moved in with her parents back in the Bronx. She was a very hard working mother and always wanted to ensure her family had better opportunities. She led a very great example to Wes that when something is wrong you never give up you just find solutions to better yourself and never go down the wrong path. …show more content…
Mary was a mother too Tony and Wes. Their father was never in the picture he was a very big drinker and was never in the kid’s life. Mary was young working a part time job and still attending college. She was pursing her dream of getting a bachelor’s degree. Yet she received a letter telling her that she would not be receiving her Pell Grants. After, this letters she became to party and Wes later on ended up finding her stash in her closet. Her dreams were crushed and her job that was part time turned into a full time job. She never showed Wes that when things aren’t in your hands you should never give up she would’ve gone another path instead of just stop

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