Essay on Champion Of Death By Eric And His Sisters

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Champion of Death A lot of people think that life is easy, but to some it’s the most difficult thing they have to experience. In the story of “Eric and his Sisters”, Eric’s suicide was caused by a number of factors, steaming primarily from his being homeless during his childhood. Eric and his family went through a lot of trials, they dealt with them the best that they could with the resources that they were offered. Eric having to deal with being homeless at such a young age causes a lot of problems throughout his adult hood as well. Eric had a very ruff childhood. He also had a younger sister, Lisette. His mom was a single mother doing the best that she could do since her husband pasted away from a degenerative illness. They at one point were homeless, and Eric saw a lot of things that he shouldn’t have had to witness at his age. Yes, he was young but he was not stupid, he understood everything that was going on around him. He even encountered somethings himself. Even a lady at the church that they attended noticed that how frequently evasive was when he would speak to grownups when they questioned him about things. She thought that maybe he was hiding something because he didn’t want to worry his mom. One of Eric’s memories of being homeless was when they were staying with one of his mom’s friend’s house, and if they didn’t make it there in time before they locked the doors, they would have to sleep in the hallways. He was not only a big brother to Lisette he was also…

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