Challenges: The Future Of Robots And The Future

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Have you ever wondered if the future of robots will turn out like the movie Terminator or Matrix? The term robots means a reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move material , parts, tools, or specialized devices through various programmed motions for the performance of a variety of task. (Robot Institute of America) Hundreds of years ago robots were being designed and built to perform simple tasks for humans. In the coming years, many predict robots will play a more negative role in human everyday life. Furthermore, robots will lead to a bleak future for people.

Robots today are being used all around us to assist in human life. As we progress further in out society, robotic technology is just starting to begin its major
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In the future, the youth will have less knowledge and will be surrounded by artificial intelligence. This will further lead to the negative effect of humans becoming lazy and people will heavily rely on robots to do the job for them. With more use of robots in the future there will be less physical activity amongst the humans, leading to an increase in health issues for many people in the future. According to a survey done by The Atlantic, "around 1500 adults ranked technology as one of their biggest fears." (Romm) Many mental issues are going to arise from robots such as fear and vulnerability. Christopher Bader a professor of sociology said, "People tend to express the highest level of fear for things they 're dependent on but that they don’t have any control over, and that’s almost a perfect definition of technology." (Romm) Technology is such a sensitive subject when it comes to people. The fact that they will rely so heavily on it, is not ideal. What will they do in the future when they must depend all upon an intellectual robot? The human mind is extremely vulnerable to becoming weak from these luxuries. The future robots is soon to be very advanced and overwhelming for people and will frighten humans. Robots will have a negative impact on out society in the

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