Essay on Challenges Facing Faced With Difficulties

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Every one of us experiences challenges in our lives, whether it be daily, weekly, or yearly. Life is a challenge - this is not to be taken negatively, but rather to recognize that life does not always work out the way we want it to. Our lives often become defined by how we deal with the challenges that come about, both ones we fail to meet and those we successfully overcome. What is a challenge? The answer is anything. Obstacles can range from something as unfortunate as being born with a disability to something as simple as attending school; the severity depends on the person and their current situation. No one would deny that we all experience different moments in our life of disappointment and sadness. However, we can not ignore them but rather must face them head on. In this essay, I will discuss the major differences between those who crumble when faced with difficulties in their life and those who tackle challenges head on and strive. We all deal with obstacles in our lives differently. It may depend on how we are raised, what we have been exposed to, or even just our personalities. Some people are more accustomed to pushing through the struggles to get to the successes while others are not. The root of this difference, as explained by James F. Gilligan in Shame and Humiliation, is mainly due to the presence, or lack, of self-esteem. Self-esteem is more important in our lives than many may realize. It is the backbone of our consciousness and affects essentially all of…

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