Theme Of Shame In The Crucible

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Shame is an ever present theme in the literature we have explored this year. In Angela’s Ashes, Frank’s mother Angela often feels shame about their financial state. Huck Finn, in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn feels shame often in who he is and what he does. The Crucible centers around John Proctor’s shame in his sins against his wife. We explored immense shame this semester and uncovered many instances of the effects of shame. Angela of Angela’s Ashes feel shame throughout much of the novel. She is ashamed that her husband, Malachy, won’t bring home money to support the family. She is ashamed that she lives in a house that is borderline unfit for human inhabitants. Frank McCourt suffers under the weight of shame as well. He is feel shame …show more content…
Even though Proctor represent the “good” in the story of The Crucible, he is plagued with shame. Throughout The Crucible, John constantly tries to show all that is wrong in the witch trials. He tries to provide a moral compass and pursues justice. Yet, as he tries to show morals to the town, he can’t seem to find his own. He is ashamed of his affair with Abigail. He is disloyal to his wife. He breaks a rule of the church. His breaks his own morals. He feels so much shame that he no longer has the capacity to forgive himself for his mistakes. Shame also stems from his fear of damaging his good, just, moral name. As I mentioned early, his shame leads to his death. However, it does not lead to his death in the way one would assume. John is so familiar with this feeling of shame that he will not doom himself to that again. He is given the opportunity to save his life. The only consequence would be damage to his name. This would condemn him to a life devastated with shame. He knows the shame he feels due to his transgressions with Abigail and will not put that upon himself again, and this time worse. He chooses to die. He chooses to fight for the morality and integrity he believes in. His experience in shame and his fear of it worsening leads him to self forgiveness and a noble and righteous

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