Challenges Faced With New Demands And Challenges Essay examples

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Businesses are faced with new demands and challenges due to the rapid changes and increased complexity of today’s markets. It is essential for organizational leaders, when confronting these new demands and challenges, to take into consideration the complexity of the innovative change process and the numerous problems that must be addressed. The innovative change process is complex and can be difficult to apply within any organization. Strategy for change must contend with the numerous factors that affect the organization, such as the interfacing of its internal operations and the intricate networks both internal and external to the organization. By exploring the innovative change process, how innovation can make them successful and applying that knowledge to the analysis of real world organizations, businesses can prepare themselves for continued success with regards to change. The most important lesson that one can learn from strategies for change and managing innovations is that organization must have a innovation strategy in order for them to be successful. Far from a random event, organizational leaders must treat innovation as a complete and organized process. The market place is full of attractive and challenging possibilities with regards to change. Organizations need more than inventing and brainstorming; they must learn to manage their innovation process, just as they manage processes that govern all other aspects of their business. Why there is no single…

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