Why Innovation Is Important

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Throughout the world of business the importance of innovation is displayed by the wants and needs of consumers. The desire for change and new products is always wanted by consumers and thought about by entrepreneurs. It is important to be innovative because that is how new ideas are thought of and produced. In many cases various examples of innovation were highlighted and expressed. Without innovation, people in society today would not have the latest technologies that they enjoy. Innovation is everywhere and can be seen in every idea and invention in the World today. Throughout the article “New Apple Watch Eyes Fitbit, Garmin; ‘Thunderdrome’ Scenario Looms” the invention by Fitbit, a tracking system for heartrates (Williams). This was innovative because it allowed for …show more content…
This was innovative because the user was able to save words that can be translated to other cultures and languages (“The World On A Pin”). This was helpful because users internationally can understand the meaning of something. Also the person making the post can use this tool to translate tough words. The other important innovative thing that has been done was the Buyable Pins technology (“The World On A Pin”). This was important because users can make purchases and other transactions on Pinterest (“The World On A Pin”). This was innovative because now people can do more in the same place instead of going to different places for everything. In the world today, innovation is changing the game of business. People are inventing new ideas based off what comes into mind. I believe that a lot of these new ideas by entrepreneurs will allow the world of business to continue to expand, as people come up with new ideas. When looking at all the new ideas that have been introduced, I feel that depending on the new idea, some will last forever and some will not. Although in society and the world of business today anything is possible. What is

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