Essay on Challenges And Inequalities Of Police Homicides

987 Words Jul 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
In this ethical reflection, I will be demonstrating my understanding of challenges and inequalities that the criminal justice face. Within this particular paper, I will be discussing the challenges of the investigations into police homicides. Secondly, I will discuss how the effects of this inequality towards police homicide affects us as a society and as U.S. citizens. Thirdly, I will interpret the situation and assess the possible solutions that can take place in order for this corruption and inequality to become balanced with in the criminal justice system. Lastly, I will argue why it is important to understand and grasp the factual situations of police homicides rather than choosing a stance to discriminate against, either the victim or the government official. In order to understand why this has become a nationwide issue, it is important to understand why police homicides are able to take place and what part of these homicides are gathering attention. Much like those who are part of the army or any armed government forces, police officers put their lives on the line to protect and regulate social justice and crime. They are a bond of trust that unites the citizens with the government thus given the right to use deadly force; the use of deadly force is an officer’s right to take a suspect’s life in the heat of pursuit upon reasonable beliefs that the suspect poses a threat the officer or others (Altrichter, 2015). The use of deadly force however is not one that is…

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