Argumentative Essay On Media Sales

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Is it fair to question police officers and the reporters when broadcasting a sensitive case? One often wonders if they’re really trying to bring justice to the victim. The moral beliefs and stereotypes of a race should not affect the work of a policeman or reporter. In order to lessen the amount of police misconduct and news coverage with racial bias, more emphasis should be placed on training for both professions.
The media coverage should not be based on market sales. The reporter gives the viewer the best information he or she can at the moment and this account frequently is filled with misinformation, distortion, and inaccuracy. It 's the nature of the beast. The drama of the moment is substituted for good, thorough reporting (Saltzman
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They shine a light on some issues that create an uprising evolution in society. As much as society wants to blame the police and social media for most political problems, they are a part of the problem. According to David A. Makin, a Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Washington State University “The police need to be examined with scrutiny because they work for the people. However, that light also needs to shine on those other outside actors. We are quick to blame the police. However, the legislature fails to properly fund and commit to the programs we create. The police are only one institution within a fractured system. You cannot reform the police without reforming the very laws that created the issues we are struggling with today. ' ' (Lucey 2). The law enforcement can only do their job by protecting civilians and themselves. Without the news, civilians wouldn’t even know half of the current issues going on. Social media and media as a whole helps the society know about issues that sometimes don’t want to be spoken about. Sandra Bland was a woman who was ultimately killed in police custody for a traffic ticket in Texas. As soon as CNN announced her holding in custody, the word got around quick. The story was all over social media like Twitter and Tumblr. Considering the fact that almost everyone has some form of interaction with people, one can just imagine how easy her death

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