What Is Police Brutality?

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Police Brutality on Civilians
Police brutality is the use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful police purpose. When dealing with civilians, police officers tend to have problems with their timing, when addressing the law. Even though police officers are properly trained in the amount of force needed to control a civilian, police officers still tend to abuse their authority and use excessive force. Police brutality comes in many forms, but the two most common types are a physical force and racial profiling. Racial profiling refers to the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual
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The constitution does indeed grant the officer the right to use deadly and excessive force when the officer feels in danger. In 70% of the police brutality cases reported, the officers claim to be in danger for their life, that is why they brutalized a citizen(Edwardson 2015). Within the police brutality case of Jonathan Ferrell, officer Kerrick stated that he saw Jonathan run up to him, causing officer Kerrick to feel endangered and threatened(Berlinger 2015). Police officers tend to rely on the fact that their fear gives them the right to destroy the lives of innocent people all over the world so that they may feel safe. Police officer justifies their brutal actions by saying that deaths of innocent civilians are a small price to pay for achieving the higher goal of a sense of safety. Although many citizens are unarmed and completely harmless, the officers often pull the trigger so that they will be safe, and their life is not in danger. While the price to pay for being a police officer should be there being a chance that your life is in danger every day. Not the price for an innocent civilian to pay for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Although, police officers feel threatened and afraid for their lives, there is absolutely no way to justify killing or harming an innocent

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