Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists Essay

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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

I have long heard about how CRNA’s make a lot of money and that I should look into obtaining the education for this career. It wasn’t until now that I realized what a great profession this would be. I may not be able to complete what is required for this career, but maybe I can tell my fellow nursing students what an awesome career this could be.
So what is a CRNA? The AANA defines them as RN’s that “provide anesthesia in collaboration with surgeons, Anesthesiologists, dentists, and other qualified healthcare professionals.” (AANA,”CRNA at a Glance”par.4 ,2013). Essentially they are responsible for administering anesthesia (medication to aid in the surgical procedure) when it is
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Due to the need for large insurance companies to cut costs, they are relying more on CRNA’s to administer anesthesia than calling on doctors. (E.Merwin, S.Stern, L. Jordan, M. Bucci, 2009). The greatest area of demand is at the hospital level. As reported by the ANA Journal, the estimated vacancy rates of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists in hospitals, especially rural is on the increase (E.Merwin, S.Stern, L. Jordan, M. Bucci, 2009). “The findings of this study indicate that the number of hospital vacancies has increased significantly.” “Findings from this study indicate the continued demand for CRNAs is likely”. (E.Merwin,S. Stern, L. Jordan, M. Bucci,2009 pg. 10). Overall, this would be an excellent career path since it is being reported that the demand is expected to grow within all 50 states. (E.Merwin, S. Stern, L. Jordan, M. Bucci, 2009).
The only issues that seem to be presented about the specialty practice in this area of nursing are the schools that support the Master’s degree and certification for becoming a CRNA. When I researched it, the closest school to Roselle, IL was Rush, in Chicago, Illinois.
In essence, this would be an excellent career path to take, but I am not quite sure I would be able to achieve this level of nursing. If I were to pursue this field, I would have to take into consideration the extensive need to be adverse in math, chemistry, and Physics

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