Essay on Cellular Phones And Its Effects On Human Beings

1299 Words Oct 29th, 2014 null Page
From the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X in 1984 to the current Samsung Galaxy S5, cellular phones changed the way in how humans communicate. Someone from the great state of North Carolina can talk to anyone in the middle of the Pacific Ocean without a problem just by using a portable satellite phone. Cellular phones have also allowed us to stay connected to our loved ones with just one phone call or text message away. Like everything else related to technology, there are various flaws that have an effect on human beings. Cellular phones are no exception to this rule. Millions of Americans carry their mobile device everywhere they go whether it is an important meeting, a lovely date, or even the toilet. Overuse of cellular phones causes serious addiction and dependency, health deterioration, and privacy concerns. For many of us our cellular phone is our life. We would be destroyed emotionally if we accidently drowned our phones in a pool or at the very least cracked our screens on the sidewalk. Chuck Palahniuk, the author of the award winning novel Fight Club, affirms that, “The things you own end up owning you.” We are growing too dependent on our mobile devices and many of us cannot live without it. The nonpartisan fact tank PewResearch claims that nine out of ten Americans own at least one mobile device as of January 2014. The Division of Motor Vehicles, movie theaters, and even on the highways are just a few examples in which there is always someone using the cellular phone…

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