Cell Phones and Effects on Youth and Society Essay example

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Table of Contents
Introduction: 2
History of mobile phone: 3
Impacts of mobile phone: 4 Biological impacts: 4 Cultural and social: 4 Positive impacts: 5
Survey report: 6
Statistics of cellular companies: 11
Conclusion: 13

The mobile phones have created a revolution in the communications in today’s world. While every youth is
Bombarded with the ill effects on the health of the user of the mobile phones, does this information, in any way, impact the usage of the phone by the youth? How does mobile affect the relationship of the user and her/ his close relationships?

The whole world is accepting and adopting the ways towards the advancement of technology. The youth is playing a vital role in this rapid pace.
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The first official mobile phone was used in Sweden by the Swedish police in 1946. The technology was connected to the telephone network and was distinctive of two way radio technology. The phone was not very practical; it was only able to make 6 phone calls before the car's battery was drained.

In 1983, Motorola unveiled to the world, the first truly portable cellular phone. It was called the Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X. It was approved for use in the United States by the FCC. Motorola developed the technology for cellular phones for decades and this particular phone took 15 years to come to market at an expense of over 100 million dollars in research costs and was like a brick. Cellular phones from the early 1990's were able to work on mobile phone systems such as GSM, IS-136 (TDMA) and IS-95 (CDMA). Digital mobile phone networks were in use in the United States in 1990 and in Europe by 1991. Most 2G cellular phones were usually in the range of 100 to 200 grams, plus they were hand held devices that were truly portable without the need for a large battery. . The cellular business was a $3 million market 25 years ago and has grown increasingly to close to a $30 billion per year industry in U.S. The main use of cell phones was for business communication. It was convenient for businesses to use cell phones because it allowed employees to leave the office and still be able to conduct things from remote places with ease. It connected employees who

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