Cell Phones : The Most Hazardous Tool Essay

1066 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
Have you ever noticed that it is very hard to do anything with a cell phone around you? In many studies, they all prove that it is hard to concentrate when one is around a cell phone. Remember my parents used to tell me “back in the days when the cell phone is huge and expensive, none of us have a phone, we have plenty of time to do our homework, review our classwork, and have fun with our neighbors. You guys should not have our phone beside you when you are studying.” Before I receive my first university midterm mark, I did not take their words very serious, after my midterms, I learn this in a hard way, cell phones can be useful when one knows how to control one’s desire. Yet, when one doesn’t know how to self-control, cell phones could be the most hazardous tool in one’s life. With the advantage of technology, it is a common thing for everyone to have a phone or even smart phone. Originally, phones are designed to contact each other from a far distance, however, people take advantage of it. Now, phones are used not only for communicating with others, but also for fulfilling one’s interpersonal relationships. In the article “Exploring the relationships between college students’ cell phone use, personality, and leisure” from the publisher Elsevier, mentions the three groups of cell phone usage “High Use, Low Use Extrovert, [and] Low Use Introvert.” It divides people into three groups by the amount of the usage of cell phone. The reason “High Cell Phone Users” use their…

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