Cell Phones And Its Impact On The World Essay

1798 Words Jan 22nd, 2016 8 Pages
Cell phones have become a huge part of society and they have a huge impact on the way the world operates. 47% of people who own a cell phone say that they could not live without it. The various capabilities that cell phones have allowed us to use them all sorts of things. People use their cell phones for business, shopping, education, games, and many other things. Cell phones are used by small businesses to contact customers and allow them to make payments. Accesories like credit card scanners allow these people to run their business easier, cheaper, and more efficiently. Businessmen also use cell phones for rapid communication. Police officers, CEOs, and even school officials are now equipped with a cell phone (Some issue by their workplace) to improve their response time or availability to answer questions and make deals. Applications like Schoology allow students at all levels to access work and educational websites to improve their overall work experience. Google docs(which happens to be what I am using to write this paper) can easily be accessed and worked on by cell phone users. Cell phones provide us something to use in our spare time. Down time can turn to productive time where students and adults can do work for school or for their job. Cell phones positively impact production and education in all of these aspects, but some think that it may come at a cost.
Cell phone addiction has become a worldwide problem due to the amount of time that people spend on their…

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