Cell Phones : A Serious Relationship With Their Cell Phone Essay

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Have you ever notice the fact that nowadays people seems to be in a serious relationship with their cell phones? If you have not; just consider that you take your cell phone with you to every single place you go to, and this does not mean to places outside your house, because even when we go from our bedroom to the living room, you take your cell phone with you; not to mention the fact that some people take their phone with them even when they go to use the restroom. So, what have we become? Why are we sending texts instead of talking with that person? Why are we sending hugs instead of giving them? The answer is that technology, specifically cell phones, have change today social habits. Families used to eat at home or in a restaurant together, and actually talk to each other’s. Now, families have their head down looking and their cell phones instead. This make us wonder if cell phones make us more or less connected? I believe cell phones are seriously damaging the connection between people.
The first mobile phone was created by Motorola in 1973, created specifically to make phone calls. However, with all the technological advances today, a phone call is what a person is less likely to do with their phone. Mobiles phones are most being use now as cameras, calculator, clock and alarms, take notes, play games, get access to the internet, texting, and among other different tasks. We can do so many things with our cell phones that now we feel that we cannot live without one. You…

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