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According to the United Nations Food Program, approximately 795 million people in the world are starving, and 3.1 million children a year, under the age of five, die from poor nutrition alone. These statistics make me feel guilty about my eating habits. I realized how often I resort to premade foods that are offered on every street corner, and at grocery stores. I have access to healthy organic nutritious food, but I passed that up in order to save time. I live a very busy fast paced life, and having premade food at my fingertips at all times makes it easy to eat on the go. People in developing countries would probably be revolted by the way I eat/waste food, and on the decisions I make when buying food. After doing a food log for a week …show more content…
By the 1950s, this figure had dropped to fewer than 20 hours (Bowers 2000). Today woman only spend an average of 40 minutes a day in the kitchen. I agree with many that the drastic change in this is due to the amount of working women in the United States. Personally I maybe spend ten minutes a day in the kitchen which includes the time to prep the food and clean up any mess I may have made. Even the day I had “real meals” at my house it was all cooked by my mother. She is probably closer to the 40 minutes a day many women spend in the kitchen. I haven’t found anything on the amount of time men spend in the kitchen compared to the past, but I’m sure it has increased to some extent. Even in our modern society it is still seen as the women’s place in the kitchen. In many households though the barrier is being broken, and the men are stepping up and helping out more in the kitchen, instead of waiting until the summer to use the grill. This new age of women working full time and men helping in the kitchen is a sign of cultural and social change, and equality between men and …show more content…
It could be something simple as making sure everyone in the house eats dinner together at night, or it could be more extravagant like hosting a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family. In both examples the social connections are being made and bonds between people are being connected. In the modern day fast paced lifestyle they simple act of getting together for meals is being lost. Business men and women are skipping lunch/diner with friends and family to try to progress their careers; either to stay at work or deciding to go out with a boss or potential clients. Looking back on my log I had several meals by myself, and the meals I shared with my mother and brother were ate in front of the television with minimal conversation between the three of us, which seems to be the new norm in many households. I enjoyed a couple meals at work with my co-workers, but during the time I was eating no one else was, which took away from the sharing aspect of regular lunches with friends. For only two meals out of the week I had actual social interaction while I ate my food. Tuesday diner was the first time when I went to dinner with a group of friends. During dinner we all sat in the same booth and enjoyed each other’s company catching up on things that happened during the week. The second time was on Wednesday when I had lunch with my

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