Cell Phone And Modern Society Essay

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Cell Phone and Modern Society
Having a smartphone has been extremely useful for my everyday life. Without it I would not be able to easily organize and plan my day. I use it to have reminders of doctor appointments, exams, and when homework is due. Without my phone, I would be more likely to miss important due dates and events. My phone has replaced the expenses of devices I would buy throughout my life such as an alarm clock, navigation system, and camera. A smartphone is so compact and carries all the productive qualities I need in everyday life. However, have you ever wondered what your life would be like if cell phones did not exist? Nowadays the people around me are abusing their cell phone usage and making their lives revolve around it. Cell phones can be useful for many different things, but they can also generate countless problems. Cell phones can provide conveniences to our everyday lives. Without a cell phone, social interaction would feel impossible. We communicate with our friends and family through phone calls, texting, emailing and social networking. With the phone I was able to contact my grandma that lives on the other side of the world. Not only do cell phones provide social interaction, but they also make traveling easier. We do not have to buy a navigator because we can simply download navigation and map applications on our smartphones such as Waze or Google Maps. I was able to pull up the map on my phone at random times whenever I got lost walking on…

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