Cell Phone Addiction Is Becoming An Epidemic Essay

1920 Words Dec 14th, 2015 8 Pages
Adults, particularly younger generations have become exponentially more reliant on cell phones. This reliance has manifested it 's self as addiction, and greatly impacts a large portion of our daily lives. This impact can be seen as separation anxiety from cell phones to being used as a buffer between ourselves and those we wish to distance ourselves from. We must first discover how to be comfortable with only our thoughts, then we can begin reconnecting with others face to face. Without learning how to cope without the constant reassurance of a cell phone in our own presence, we as a society cannot continue to grow as a whole with each other. Cell phone addiction is becoming an epidemic among younger users especially, manifesting it 's self as a lack of meaningful conversation. Whether it is a smart phone or a flip phone, around "92% of U.S. adults now have a cell phone", with nearly all of them claiming it is with them constantly (Rainie and Zickuhr). Our phones rarely leave our hip, which has lead to the disappearance of virtually all landlines. Those who chose to have landlines are often the elderly or those who live in an area cell signal has yet to touch. However, there is no telling how long it will take for any signal to reach those in "the boonies", further connecting everyone even more. As for the elderly, a landline is familiarity that a cell phone cannot replace and may be more trouble than it is worth. The addiction the rest of us are facing has lead cell…

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