Essay about Cdc And The Health Department

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We are required to report this to CDC and the health department. Usually the lab tech and the physician are supposed to report this to CDC and the health department. The Florida health department will contact us to let us know how we treated the patient and what the care plan is for them. According to CDC “The following should be reported to the local health department within one working day by public and private providers and laboratories: All probable or confirmed cases of early syphilis, all reactive nontreponemal laboratory tests.”
The point of reporting this to the CDC and to the Florida Health Department is so they can keep in touch with the patient and make sure we are doing our job as the provider in keeping the patient healthy. Also, this helps by keeping in track how many people are getting theses illness. CDC stated “Syphilis prevalence data should be used to assess the yield of specific screening activities by identifying the number of new cases detected in relation to the number of screening tests performed. In addition to screening assessments, syphilis prevalence monitoring at local, state, and national levels should be used to: monitor disease burden and trends, identify populations with high rates of infection, and evaluate case- report surveillance data.”
Therefore, the physician and the lab technician should follow up with the patient and make sure they are getting the right and proper care they need. Also, they need to follow up and verify the patient is…

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