Caution : Bumpy Road Ahead Essay

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Caution: Bumpy Road Ahead
“Time heals all wounds, “is a well-known quote from the renowned author named Stephen King. Some may disagree with Mr. King, others might think that time allows for your heart to accept what your mind already knows. For instance some wounds never completely heal because some wounds are torn open repetitively. Divorce is a wound that keeps you in a vicious cycle of hard choices. People may argue that it gets easier as you get older. As an adult of divorce, it is not something that hurt any less the older you get.
The day had finally come when my Father, David, was home from his year- long military tour in Kosovo. It was a time to rejoice. It was hard not having him around. I was responsible for helping my mom and brother with all the things my father took care of when he was home, which was a tall order for a twenty-two year old. Just a couple of weeks before my dad came home I moved back into a place of my own. After I moved out I got so busy with my own endeavors I did not catch onto what was taking place between my mother and father. Within two months’ my mother and brother had moved into a small two bedroom apartment and divorce papers were underway. Do not be fooled, it was a long time coming, yet it took me by surprise. I can recall the word divorce being thrown around between the two of them during the countless fights. However, for the dissolvent of a 26 year marriage to be happing was like being put face to face with your worst…

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