Causes Of The Second Industrial Revolution

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Following the end of the Civil War led to the Second Industrial revolution which brought many new innovative ideas and inventions attracting people from all over the world. Individuals who owned Businesses were thriving off the success that the second industrial revolution had brought. Few people grew to become unbelievably wealthy, but two massive people in that time period were Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller the two wealthiest people during the Industrial Revolution. Attracting penniless and poverty-stricken people to come to cities and work for their business brought misfortune for the citizens. Some of the misery that affected the citizens were poverty and dreadful living conditions.

The cause for starting the industrial revolution were the many new inventions that came out in this era. The Second Industrial Revolution caused many people to travel from all over the world and made farmers leave their farms for a more stable income. Having all these people come to the city caused urbanization making many people come and live in the city causing people to abandon the countryside. The industrial revolution thrived on the many natural resources that were in America which increased
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Having a massive amount of people moving into the cities from farms caused the cities to get unpredictably big which led to the massive amount of people living within the cities. Since the cities were in such a horrid state because of overpopulation the creation of places within the city known as urban ghettos took place. Urban ghettos were places where people with different ethnicities felt at peace allowing them to collaborate with other people with the same ethnicity. The cities were so overpopulated with new immigrants and farmers that the living conditions within the city were terrible and decreased how the places in the cities looked and felt to live

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