Causes Of Migration In Syria

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This migrant issue has become a problem because of the Syrian civil war, the war between the government and the rebels is the main reason of migration. This civil war began nearly four years ago and has terrorized the country. Syria’s government has resorted to drafting citizens into the army, this led many choose the risky option of taking a 20-minuet route through Turkey and Greece. The route originally required a boat to sail through the Mediterranean Sea, like in the odyssey, but this new route has proven to be faster and safer.
The Arab nations formed a movement called the “Arab Spring” protesting the harsh governments. When the movement shifted to Syria the government resorted to shooting and imprisoning innocent protesters (4). The
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This terrorist group has committed atrocities against those who do not follow their faith. The threat of ISIS has made many refugees flee north to Europe. The whole middle east has been affected by the migration. Many countries are suffering from a migrant problem (1).
The refugees are not only from Syria, but other countries as well, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Eritrea. The ISIS terrorist group is spreading throughout the middle east, causing the mass exodus. The number of refugees in Syria is nearly 60 million as of fall 2016, surpassing the amount of refugees in Night, a story about WWII. The refugees have caused some problems in the European community. (1)
With the terrorist attacks in Paris, France in November 2015 there has been a debate on whether it is a countries duty to receive these refugees. The wave of migrant sexual assaults on new years even in Cologne, Germany is another example of issues with migrants. (1) Although not all of the migrants subscribe to the terrorist groups there are enough subscribers to warrant a problem. The countries of Europe have created policies in order to protect their own citizens and the
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After a thorough check by social workers, some children are placed in foster families or children’s homes. Then social workers are responsible to regularly check up on the child through meetings or phone calls. This is done to ensure that the child remains in those homes and is safe. When the children refugees are not showing up to the meetings or answering phone calls the social workers are alerted (3). The European Union has dealt with the crisis since

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