Causes Of Macbeth's Downfall

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Macbeth’s Downfall
Macbeth’s quest to have power lead him down a path to failure because he made terrible choices along the path. He gained his status as a King by murdering Duncan. He didn’t play fair. Macbeth by William Shakespeare, illustrated by Gareth Hinds. In “Macbeth,” William Shakespeare shows Macbeth’s downfall by killing Duncan, Banquo, and Macduff’s family. First factor that causes his downfall is by killing Duncan, second factor is by killing Banquo, and his last factor is by killing Macduff’s family.
A first way of Macbeth’s downfall is killing Duncan. He murdered him because of power. He wants to gain Duncan’s power as the King. His wife manipulated him the whole time. She pressured him on killing the King. She manipulated him
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Macbeth sees them as a threat especially Macduff. But luckily, Macduff fled to England to meet up with Malcolm so they can create an army and take action of Macbeth’s bloodthirsty acts. If he didn’t leave then he would have get killed. And we’ll never know what would happen to Macbeth. Macduff heard the tragic news and he wants to take action as soon as possible. He wants to avenge his family death by killing Macbeth with his own hands. While the war was ongoing, Macduff went to find Macbeth. Macbeth was avoiding him as he don’t want to see him. According to Macbeth, he said “My soul is too much charged with blood of thine already” (Page 124). In other words, Macbeth is already guilty of killing Macduff’s family and does not wish to add the death of Macduff with his wife and children. Another example of his downfall is when he said “Accursed be that tongue that tells me so, for it hath cowed my better part of man! And be these juggling fiends no more believed that played us for a fool. I’ll not fight with thee” (pg. 126). When Macduff told Macbeth he was born C-section, he got frightened and knows he’s in trouble. And that’s when said declared to not fight him but Macduff killed him anyways for his

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