Theme Of Death In Macbeth

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A play that begins with praise, happiness, and honor soon takes a turn for the worst when the tragic hero brings grief among his wife, leader, friends, and colleagues. Macbeth brings about suffering to all of these characters in his grasp for power contributing to the tragic vision of the play. Macbeth goes from a stand up, respected warrior to a bloody tyrant. It is his flaw of greed that turns him into an unruly king, bringing his closest companions down with him.
Lady Macbeth suffers the most at the end of the play when she commits suicide because of her husband's actions. In Act II Macbeth and his wife carry out the murder of their king Dunkin. In the process Macbeth forgets to plant the knife in the drunken guards hands. Lady Macbeth then takes the knife and does it herself. It was this that haunts her until the end. It was her that planted the knife that convicted the two men of treason then hung for their crime. Because her husband couldn’t do this, she was forced to. In act five the Doctor asks about her last “walk.” Lady Macbeth has begun sleep walking, telling the story of Duncan's death in the process. In her sleep she complains of not being able to rinse the blood from her hands. In her sleep she
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Macduff goes in search of the truth when he notices the king’s suspicious behavior. Macbeth sees him as a threat to his crown so he sends men to kill his family with the intent of getting his message across. Macbeth thinks that Macduff is a trader when actually he is just curious. Macduff is Macbeth’s achilles heel as seen in the last scene when Macduff beheads the king as revenge. Macduff is Macbeth's downfall. This is tragic because Macbeth determines his fate when he follows the prophecy he was given step by step. He destroys the relationships he does have because of his paranoia that everyone is out to kill

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