Causes Of Food Shortage

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It is hard to imagine that about half food around the world is wasted in many different ways every year. The problem of food shortage bothers many people now. If people can reduce food waste, food shortage may be could be solved.
There are many causes of food waste, transportation losses, storage losses, daily life extravagance and unreasonable distribution. In order to cope with these problems, some solutions will be illustrated in this essay and there are some analyses and evaluations will be given to these solutions. There are necessary to Reduce transport loss, develop food storage and educate people to change their mind.
In 2012, the institutions of Lang, T and Rayner. G and FAO that In developing countries, especially some less-developed
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Long distance food transportation often followed by serious food wastes. In the process of food transportation, much food deteriorate and be destroyed by friction and crash. Time, temperature and bump are three key points of food transportation. Firstly, the using of efficient vehicles like airplanes and high speed trains could help to save transport time. If food could be sent to customers directly, food fresh can be guaranteed easier than having many links between customers and farms. Secondly, temperature in vehicles is very important because food can be saved longer in low temperature than in high temperature. For example, milk actually, could keep fresh for 7 days under 4 centigrade but 5 days under 7 centigrade. But it is a costly way to keep food fresh. What is more, bump is another problem in food transportation. Road conditions could influence food conditions because if the road is bumpy, food will be destroyed by crash and bump. So, choose the roads which with good conditions are very important when food are transported. However, this solution will lead to transportation costs increase because some good condition roads are not free and it may be longer than the nearest ways. In the same time, it will take a long time in the transport process, so food situation may be hard to ensure. In conclusion, these are three ways to decrease destroys of food transportation, but it will increase costs, government …show more content…
The using of air-conditioning can help food keep fresh in certain period. People need to build a smart temperature system of stores which cloud adjust temperature inside based on the food need and temperature outside. What is more, some biological methods are used in food storage like transglutaminase which is one kind of enzyme could form waterproof membranes on the food, extending food storage period.( Köhler, Wim, 2008) In commercial food storage, transglutaminase is used to bond proteins together, like artificial crabmeat and fish balls. The IMechE(2013) recommends that fruit and vegetables need a much higher standard of facilities in store than grain crops because fruit and vegetables are harder to protect. In that case, the production of fruit and vegetables should fit the demands of markets. Farmers could cooperate with companies to avoid over products. In brief, demands and supplies can be balanced by the cooperation between farmers and markets. But it is hard to forecast the future demand, so the risk of the companies and farmers will increase and this solution is hard to implement for all people. Technology and bio-engineering may be better than the last

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