Causes Of Dropping Out Of College Students Essay

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Causes of Dropping Out

In 2009, 33% of US students enrolled in college dropped out that year. Every year since then, the percent of drop outs keep rising. There are so many factors that play into the dropout of a college student. Some students simply have financial struggles and academic issues. While others have trouble balancing the amount of distractions in college. There are three major causes for young Americans to be dropping out of college.

To start off, many college students drop out of school because of financial struggles. A majority of students drop out because of the inability to find a balance between school and work. Many college dropouts are unable to attend school because they cannot support themselves while in college. The stress of trying to work and manage your studies becomes too difficult to handle for some. Students like this are in a bit of a tough stop when they have to decide between attending class or going to work. Not all students get assistance from their parents, grants, and financial aid. Based on personal experience, I know that I would not be able to attend college without the help of my parents. My parents help and support me in so many ways. I cannot imagine trying to juggle school and work full time. I completely understand why so many young adults drop out because of financial issues. It is clearly evident that college is a full time job itself.

Secondly, young adults in college may drop out of school because of academic issues.…

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