Why Students Dropout

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Today in the United States, many students are deciding to drop out of high school. Many factors can contribute to this. Sometimes students may quit to take care of their family or siblings. Teen pregnancy, drugs, or bullying can also contribute to dropping out, as well as, having disabilities, the family moving, or not parental interest. For whatever reason, dropping out might seem like a good idea at the time, but this decision will affect these students for the rest of their lives. This decision not only changes their life but everyone around them as well.
In America, more than 1.2 million students drop out of high school. However, there are many reasons why kids decide to do this. First, some people do not have a choice, because they
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A high school dropout will earn two-hundred thousand dollars less than a high school graduate over his lifetime. This is a growing problem in America. It has proven to be a major factor, because most jobs require people to know how to read and write well. However, most who drop out cannot read or write very well, and for those who know how to read and write well, dropping out of school can still cause a problem when applying for a job. Employers tend to hire those who are high school graduates over those who are not. Students do not realize the consequences that this decision will have on their life. Many think they could be making money, but instead they are being forced to sit in school all day. Many of the kids in the United States feel this way. This is why it helps to have supportive parents. Lots of students today do not have good role models when it comes to their parents. This can hurt a child’s education tremendously. If the parents do not have any interest in the child’s education, how do they expect the child to care anything about it? This could possibly result in the kid starting to struggle in school and lead to dropping out. Additionally, teens today find themselves in terrible situations all the time. Drugs can have a huge impact on the decision of dropping out. Many have no idea what they are doing when they get involved with drugs. They are so easy to get hooked on. …show more content…
Most young people are thinking more about the present instead of the future. Some factors such as family obligations, teen pregnancies, drugs, bullying, disabilities, and poor academic performance can contribute to the decision to drop out of high school. Even though studies might say that the rate for dropping out has decreased, it is still important that everyone do their part to help make sure it keeps going down. There will always be a problem with the dropout rate in America. We cannot make it disappear, but we can make sure that everyone is doing something to help. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or just someone who cares, every little bit you do to help a student get through high school could help them for the rest of their

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