Causes Of Drinking Excessive Amounts Of Alcohol Essay

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Other problems that can arise due to drinking excessive amounts of alcohol are damage to nerves. Alcohol can cause a certain type of nerve damage that is called neuropathy. Neuropathy can cause painful pins-and-needles or numbness. In some extreme cases the nerve damage can cause muscle weakness, constipations, erectile dysfunction as well as other problems. Neuropathy is causes by the alcohol being toxic to the nerve cells which affects the way that the nerves function. The pancreas can also being affected by binge drinking. Alcohol can cause stomach irritation which is called gastritis, the alcohol can also inflame the pancreas. 60% of chronic pancreatitis is caused by large amounts of alcohol consumption. Pancreatitis is not fixable as it causes disruptions in the digestive process which can then cause painful abdominal pain and also is can cause diarrhoea. Drinking large amounts of alcohol can also cause the individuals immune system to not be as affective this makes their body weak to infections such as pneumonia and sexually transmitted diseases with some of them being disease that cause infertility. People that binge drink are more likely to take part in other risky behaviours such as taking drugs or having unprotected sex. People that engage in unprotected sex while drunk are likely to also have sex with multiple partners due to their lack of judgement caused by the alcohol. Females that binge drink are likely to become pregnant due to unprotected sex that they have…

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